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{ Children's Parties }

Nothing is more special than celebrating with your child... Let BlueMoon help you celebrate the milestones of your child’s life. Whether it is the 1st, 18th, or just a fun party, we will strive to make those moments of their lives ones that will not soon be forgotten. All our child party packages come with a gorgeously decorated venue and 3 hours of parcel rental time.


Our parties take place on a full size sim so bring all your friends there is no limit to how much fun you can have (well minus LL ability to only host 100 avatars per sim). Invitations, party decorations with your choice of a color scheme & venue and party themed food. However we all know there is no party without a DJ so we threw one in to play your favorite tunes for 1 hour so that you can all dance and enjoy over a beautiful floor texture. All of it kept for posterity with 2 edited photos taken by one of our professional photographers.
And no children's party is complete without cake so yes, there will be cake.


The ultimate in Children's parties. Not only can you invite your friends with personalized invitations and host them on a full sim decorated to a color scheme and venue of your choosing, but you also get the assistance of a coordinator to ensure everything will run smoothly. Then, while everyone has fun dancing to the tunes spun for 2 hours by our DJ over a bespoke floor texture, others can enjoy the party-themed food while our photographer immortalizes the moment in 5 edited photos. To top off the party, fireworks display to put stars in everyone's eyes. The fun continues later with a sleepover getaway for 1 night.

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