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Salad with Fish Fillet

{ Anniversaries }

An Anniversary is a very special moment you don't want to leave to chance. Maybe you are celebrating one more week, month, or year and no matter what that is it’s a monumental milestone for you all. Let us at BlueMoon make it even more special. A romantic dinner paired with the tunes that mark special moments for you both. You both deserve to not have to work so let us do it for you. All our anniversary packages come with a gorgeously decorated venue and 3 hours of parcel rental time.

"They said, "I bet they'll never make it" But just look at us holding on

We're still together, still going strong"

Celebrate that special date with an intimate romantic dinner just for the two of you with the full attention of your own RP personal server, followed by a party for you and those closest to you. Brightened by a professional DJ for 1 hour and with your own choice of color schemes, The evening's highlight is celebrated with a champagne toast and crowned with fireworks.

You will keep 2 wonderful edited photos of the evening for your family album.​


"You've learned to take the laughter with the tears After all these years"

For those unforgettable Anniversaries that must have everything!

Start by enjoying an intimate, fully RPed dinner for the two, later celebrating with friends at a venue of your choice, decorated with the colors you selected previously with your exclusive coordinator and animated by our professional DJ for 2 hours finishing in an apotheosis with a fireworks display and champagne toast, all immortalized on five edited photographs. Then leave for a romantic getaway for one night.​

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