{ Birthday/Rez Days }

Whether you are big or small we can make that special day you popped into this world or the one on the other side of the screen a memorable fun moment day. Both kids and adult themed parties in one of our gorgeously decorated venues. Invite all your friends and let us set up and clean up for you. 


{ Keep Calm & Party On }

"It's your party and you can shout if you want to"

Our parties take place on a full size sim so bring all your friends there is no limit to how much fun you can have (well minus LL ability to only host 100 avatars per sim). Party decorations with your choice of a color scheme. However we all know there is no party without a DJ so we threw one in you get to play your favorites.​


{ Why Limit Happy To An Hour }

"Well, shake it up, baby, now" 

Maybe you just dont want to keep calm and party on so we are throwing in one more hour of musical delight in out Twist and Shout package. Why would you want to party for just an hour when you can dance the night away......You know you got me goin' now. Just like I knew you would​