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Cutting the Cake Together
{ Cakes & Treats }

BlueMoon is pleased to provide a selection of cakes to choose from. 

Cupcake 3

Display Only - No Modifications


Display Only - Color Modifiable

Crescent Moon

BlueMoon Exclusive - These cakes are modifiable to your wedding colors, and you will receive a version as a keepsake.

{ Delicious Desserts For All Occasions }

Wintertime Love

BlueMoon's own winter-themed confectionary delight. Covered in smooth, creamy fondant and a ribbon tailored to match your event color scheme. This cake gives you a slice on a plate for you and your guests to enjoy on touch.

Made By: Lizzy's Creations

LI: 16 | Color Tinting: Ribbon & Cake | C/M/T

Crescent Moon

You Made Me Believe In Magic

BlueMoon's magical cake is fully customizable from the frosting to the base, including each decoration. This cake gives you a slice on a plate for you and your guests to enjoy on touch.

Made By: Lizzy's Creations

LI: 27 | Color Tinting: Frosting, Beads, Gems, Roses, & Cake| C/M/T

Crescent Moon

Only Us

An explosion of color on an angular shape contrasts the mismatched angles of the layers with the sweeping lines of flowers that

ornate this superlative cake.

Made By: Lizzy's Creations

LI: 18 | Color Tinting: Cake | C/M/T

Crescent Moon

Secret Garden

Crescent Moon

The exquisite balance of intimacy and beauty mirror its namesake venue.

Made By: Lizzy's Creations

LI: 3 | Color Tinting: Cake | C/M/T

Impromptu Fall

Cupcake 3

A hymn to autumn. The trees gain new colors and the days slowly get shorter. All the beauty of the season in a cake that

is both beautiful and heartwarming.

Made By: KraftWork - Garden Cake White

LI: 4 | Color Tinting: None | Rezzed Only

The Mousseline de Soie

Cupcake 3

The term "Mousseline de Soie" translates as Chiffon, the light, soft fabric that is used for wedding dresses and other types of gowns.This cake honors the bride's beauty and elegance in a cascade of flowers.

Made By: SilverSpoon

LI: 32 | Color Tinting: None | Rezzed Only

My Immortal

Crescent Moon

To encapsulate the spirit of the venue with the same name, this cake marries the purity of white with macabre. Light and darkness. Red and black.

Made By: Lizzy's Creations

LI: 9 | Color Tinting: Roses, Beads, & Cake | C/M/T

Strawberry Tallcake


A towering extravaganza of strawberries, flowers

and all things sweet.

Made By: moss&mink

LI: 6 | Color Tinting: Stand, Frosting, & Cake | Rezzed Only

The Royal Whim


A truly regal affair fit for royalty. this multi-layered cake is exquisitely ornate with flowers in a symphony of luxury.

Made By: SilverSpoon

LI: 18 | Color Tinting: Flowers & Cake | Rezzed Only

Midsummer Dream

A display of summer flowers and long sunny days on a canvas of white perfection. light and luminous as summer itself.

Made By: SR

LI: 18 | Color Tinting: Cake | Rezzed Only



Class and sophistication are the hallmarks of this cake, richly decorated with carnations and pearls.

Made By: Luna Rose

LI: 27 | Color Tinting: None | Rezzed Only

Cupcake 3

Cherry Blossom

LI: XX | Coming Soon | C/M/T

Crescent Moon
Coming Soon - Cakes.png

Yummy Cakes

BlueMoon is actively developing and acquiring more cakes for your events and we will have more posted here soon.

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