Horse carriage on square

{ Arrivals }

Making the right entrance is arguably one of

the most important parts of any event.

With our exquisite travel solutions, you will surely make your arrival on that most important of days in absolute style.

Please keep in mind that the service includes solely the use of our transports for your arrival

and not the actual item itself.

{ Horse-drawn }

Horse and CarriageL$ 2000

A sublime horse carriage, pulled by our Clydesdale, Guinness. A serene and regal way to make your appearance. The carriage driver is of course included. The carriage itself can be matched to the color scheme you have previously selected.


{ Vehicles }


Antique Car - L$ 2000

Ride in on the back seat of our majestic Monarch Imperial. a four-door "torpedo" style convertible from the golden years. Again the professional chauffeur is included.


{ By Air }

Coming Soon

Hot Air Balloon - L$ 2000

Take to the skies and descend gracefully to your wedding at the command of a beautiful hot air balloon.