Broken Cassette Tape

{ Break-Ups }

They say breaking up is hard to do and boy were they right. Let us help you get you or your friend out of that slump and onto something better. Whether you want to celebrate or just straight up break stuff we have got your back. With our state of the art smash room you can destroy everything in sight then go dance the night away. We provide tissues and tunes.. you bring the safety equipment.


{ I Don't Have Ex's I Have Y's.

Like "Y The Hell Did I Date YOU }

"Oh baby, I'm cool by the way
Ain't sure I loved you anyway"

Loved them, hate them who cares lets throw a party and wish them good luck finding someone better right? Party Decorations, your favorite colors, your own DJ for an hour playing those favorite tunes you wish they could hear, and 1 edited photo to remember the day you took your life back.​


{ Smile Because They Are Finally Someone Eles's Problem}

" New Number Who Dis? " 

Want to wiggle that person right out of your system. Well no better way to do it then throwing a party and breaking stuff. This party is a whole 2 full hours long and includes our smash it room & invitations to send to the people that love and care about you. Time to to answer the phone with new number who dis and treat them like they are really somebody that you used to know.​