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{ Vow Renewals }

You had your fairytale wedding. The day was so memorable you want to do it over and over again. So, what’s stopping you? BlueMoon can help you celebrate those memorable moments with a vow renewal ceremony. We offer both private just the two of you type moments or a shared experience with you and all your friends. All our Vow Renewal packages come with a gorgeously decorated venue and 3 hours of parcel rental time.


"Then put your little hand in mine.
There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb"

Our parties take place on a full-size sim, so bring all your friends there is no limit to how much fun you can have (well, minus LL's ability to only host 100 avatars per sim). Party decorations with your choice of color scheme & venue. However, we all know there is no party without a DJ, so we threw one in you get to play your favorite tunes for one and a half hours. This Package also comes with a beautiful floor texture, 2 edited photos taken by one of our professional photographers, and invitations so you can invite all your friends.

The vow renewal ceremony is complete with altar animations and an officiant.

End the day with a romantic getaway for 1 night at one of our exclusive locations.


"I'd fall for you twice if that's what you wanted
I'd give you my life from now till forever
I'm falling in love with you
Over and over again"

The perfect way to completely celebrate your renewed testament to your shared love. A complete ceremony in an engagement venue of your choice, with an officiant and altar animations, followed by the fully decorated party with all the guests you invited. Good times are guaranteed with our DJ working on the tunes for 2 hours, ending in a fireworks display.

All of these memories are stored in 5 edited photographs.

After the party, an intimate, fully RPed dinner for 2 followed by a romantic getaway for 2 nights.

A coordinator will help you make your selections and manage everything so that everything is according to your desires.

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