Full Moon


Adelia Aldenholt-Meli

We got married November 4, 2022 in Bluemoon's venue "Wintertime Love" and it was so beautiful and magical! We had a really good experience with the Bluemoon team from day 1 until the end. They steered us away from the most expensive package and instead made a custom package for us, since there were some things we really wanted and some things we felt we could be without. They are very open to customizing your wedding to your liking and do their best to give you everything you wish. They listen, but most of all: they care. They work hard, and if something goes wrong they are quick to fix it. When you get emotional (happened to me several times, especially on my wedding day) they are right there to support you, comfort you and give a peptalk! Don't think we could have asked for more. We ended up forming some great connections in this process and now consider them family. We would recommend them any time for your special day.

Adelia & Matteo ❤️

Jenn Tulip

To cut to the chase, Kasha was AMAZING! She took what is usually a very stressful time and made it a breeze! Just from making sure every little detail was taken care of, flowers, venue, music, bridesmaids outfits, etc etc!!!! I can't say enough about how well she coordinated it all. Even the day of the wedding everything went perfectly! If I ever get married again, I will use her services again for sure!

Lady Belladonna (Belladonna2013)

On Friday May 7th turned into my dream wedding. My Rainbow wedding. I can't thank Kasha enough for all the hard work she did from turning our garden into a Rainbow. From flowers all the way down to the smallest detail on the tables. And not only did she put in hours of hard work she was also our DJ that night and just nailed it with the list of songs we have chosen. Thanks once again Kasha.

Aura Dubratt

~Our exquisite wedding was executed and planned by Blue Moon Weddings. We chose a garden themed setting, overlooking the sea, that was customized and perfected to our exact wishes. We could not have asked for anything that suited us more.

Unlike any wedding I have attended in SL, from start to finish, our wedding went perfectly. A detailed wedding plan was provided to us, and we were guided through each phase of the ceremony.

I can't thank you enough for making our day perfect in every way. The care, kindness and attention to detail was beyond every expectation. Words can't express our sincere appreciation.

Jerzzie Reece Redstar

Wow, thanks so much! 😍😘 Thank you everyone at Blue Moon, I can never ask for more, details and all! The video that Jackson made showed everything the meticulous work you guys poured to our wedding. 😇 Highly recommended wedding event service!