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Meet the Team

Joel Pɛռɖʀǟɢօռ

(Joel Washborne)

Meet Joel, who along with Kasha and Ela acts as one of the COOs of BlueMoon Weddings and Events Planning in the virtual realm of Second Life. With a passion for technology and a keen eye for detail, I am committed to providing exceptional website and technological solutions for your special occasions.

I am responsible for overseeing the development and maintenance of our website, ensuring that it provides a seamless and intuitive user experience. From informative content to interactive features, our website serves as a comprehensive platform where couples and event planners can explore our services, access valuable resources, and connect with our team.

My passion for technology is matched only by my dedication to exceptional customer service. I am committed to understanding your vision, listening to your needs, and providing personalized solutions that exceed your expectations. I work closely with our team of professionals to ensure that every virtual wedding and event planned by BlueMoon is a truly unforgettable experience.

When not overseeing technical operations at BlueMoon Weddings and Events Planning, Joel is a multi-talented individual who also brings his expertise to the forefront as a skilled DJ and officiant.

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COO - Web & Tech; Officiant/DJ

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