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Meet the Team


(Jackson Redstar)

Introducing Jackson, a rare gem in the virtual world of Second Life—a talented and visionary videographer. With a keen eye for capturing moments and a passion for storytelling, I specialize in creating breathtaking videos that transport viewers to another world.

As a videographer in Second Life, I bring a unique perspective to the art of visual storytelling. Through my lens, I capture the essence of your virtual experiences, immortalizing cherished memories in a way that truly reflects your individuality and creativity. I skillfully navigate the virtual landscape, utilizing innovative camera angles, precise lighting, and post-production techniques to craft cinematic masterpieces.

By choosing me as your videographer in Second Life, you're not only gaining a skilled artist but also a trusted partner who values the significance of your virtual journey. I am passionate about capturing the magic of Second Life, preserving precious moments, and allowing you to relive them time and time again.

Favorite Music: Blues & Country

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