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The Wedding of Uma Arnold & Kid 02.26.24 @ 5:00 pm SLT

Updated: Apr 14

Down in the heart of mother Earth, Cleo Demonpaws gazed one more time at the sumptuous waterfalls behind her and smiling, welcomed the guests who had assembled for that unique occasion in which she would officiate the joining of two souls in the most sacred of vows.

Once the guests were seated Kid walked his way up to the altar, closely followed by Groomsman Laidback Celt and Bridesmaid Branz and then the best man and the Maid of honor, Otis Matova and Jesika Wirefly. Finally, closing the party, were the beautiful children, Miles Bard-Heron and eveelvenlife as Ring bearer and flower girl.Having taken their place, they all looked as a dazzling Uma walked down the aisle and took her place beside her beloved Kid.

The assembly listened intently to the officiant's words of profound meaning and the couple exchanged rings and sealed their union with a kiss thus becoming husband and wife.

Back to the surface, newlyweds and guests made their way to the reception on a beautiful garden venue. the atmosphere was of intense joy brightened by the cheer of Miles and Eve and the wonderful singing voices of Otis and Jesika who both performed and delighted everyone present.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning has the pleasure of announcing the wedding of Uma Arnold and Kid Klix, held on February 26th 2024 in second Life.

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