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The Wedding of Sinfuloverdose Bowler Sinbad The Scorpion 10.14.23 @ 12 pm SLT

A chance meeting was all that it took for Sinfuloverdose and Sinbad to be struck by that lightning of attraction. From then on they became closer and their relationship deeper as love blossomed between them. Naturally the time came when they both found themselves ready to share with the world their decision to be forever united in the rites of marriage.

In the elegant setting of a delicately lit evening garden the couple stood before the officiant, Shahiya Frost Viper and, in the presence of friends and family, shared their heartfelt vows to each other and exchanged the rings symbolizing their union, thus being pronounced Husband and Wife.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds led their guests to the reception where they all celebrated the momentous occasion.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is happy to announce the wedding of Sinfuloverdose Bowler and Sinbad the Scorpion, held on October 14th, 2023 in Second Life. ♥

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