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The Wedding of Purr Fection & coldax Cascarino 06.30.23 @ 9:30 AM SLT

The two met in a daze of mutual attraction and in one instant, their destinies were intertwined. Now, as the two sparks became a single flame, they decided to take the ultimate step and express their devotion through the bonds of wedded matrimony.

In an intimate ceremony celebrated by the officiant, Shahiya Frost Viper, the loving couple exchanged their heartfelt vows and were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Cascarino—the highlights of this wonderful day are captured in photographs by Kulaan D. Dragon and Ryanna Dragon.

BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning is proud to announce the wedding of Coldax Cascarino and Sassy Cascarino, held on June 30th, 2023, in the Secret Garden.

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