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The Wedding of 亗 King Panda Bαρтıƨтε™亗 & plumqueen 02.02.24 @ 5:00 pm SLT

King Panda & Plumqueen Baptiste

At a seemingly innocuous business gathering, Plum caught Panda's eye in local chat, which led her to risk sending her a private message, and that risk paid off as they want on to enjoy a boat ride together later that same day, listening to the music that is still their favorite. Time went on and their love grew strong and beautiful shining their happiness on all those who surrounded them. Traveling the grid together, spending time with family and friends, their bound soon became so precious and firm that Panda, with the help of those closest to them, surprised Plum by asking her to join their hands and souls in marriage.

And so it was, with the blessings of the elders and ancestors, the loving couple gathered their friends and family at the mystical gardens of the You Made Me Believe In Magic venue. They stood before the officiant, Rhyme Gardner, Plum's aunt, and listened to her words of profound wisdom. They shared their vows with all assembled and exchanged the rings that stand as symbols of their perfect union thus being pronounced married.

After the ceremony, Newlyweds and their party joined the guest at the reception where the DJ, Sparkle Aftermath, welcomed Mrs & Mrs Baptiste with an invitation to their first dance of married life to the sound of "To the Moon" by JNR Choi. After that special moment the many guests and loved ones joined them on the dance floor in an atmosphere of joy and happiness. Time came for the traditional cutting of the cake and champagne toast culminating in a beautiful fireworks display.

The very best moments of this beautiful day were captured both in photos by the talented Marion Falworth and Video by the inimitable magic of Jackson


BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning has the pleasure of announcing the wedding of King Panda and Plumqueen Baptiste, held on February 2nd, 2024, at the You Made Me Believe In Magic venue in Second Life. 

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