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The Wedding of Jeza & Skitts 04.14.24 @ 2:00 pm SLT

Updated: 4 days ago

"Love starts as a feeling, But to continue is a choice; And I find myself choosing you More and more every day." Justin Wetch - Bending the Universe Jeza and Skitts' first meeting was unintentional, more fruit of chance than of plan. They met and slowly, like vines, their hearts were entangled together with ever growing strength. They became inseparable and too precious to each other to even consider life without the other.

On a bright sunny day, the couple gathered their closest friends and family at a magical garden filled with mystic energies. Skitts stood at the altar facing the officiant, Ela Pendragon, and sided by the Best Man, Diesel and the Maid of Honor, Sephie as they watched a radiant Jeza walk down the aisle by the arm of Max. The couple expressed their unwavering desire to henceforth embrace life as an indivisible entity and exchanged the rings, symbols of the perfection of their union, thus being pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Skitts. The very best moments of this beautiful day were registered for years to come by the magic photography of Kulaan and Ryanna Dragon.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning happily announces the wedding of Jeza and Skitts, held on April 14th, 2024 at the You Made Me Believe in Magic venue in Second Life. "You're my ride or die, you're my reason why You're the one that I need for the rest of my life" ♥

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