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The Wedding of Doc Romano & Jocelyn Heartsong 03.19.23 @ 4 pm SLT

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

The Wedding of Doc Romano & Jocelyn Heartsong 03.19.23 @ 4 pm SLT

It was a bright and joyous day, the one when Doc Romano and Jocelyn Heartsong gathered their friends and relatives on the beautiful sim built by Jocelyn herself, to bear witness to the couples testimony of love and commitment to each other. The loving pair stood before the officiant, Ivory Mae Viorson, sided by their wedding party, the Best Person, Morgan Monroe, the Maids of Honor, Maggie Starr, Harlo Jamison, Reign Roelofs and Jack Starr, who escorted the bride down the aisle.

As the ceremony got underway...listening to the officiants words on love, the present and the future, we suspect both bride and groom reminisced upon their journey. They met at a live music event and felt immediate magnetism that pulled them closer and closer, deeper and deeper into each others world. They realized they were one together.

After the ceremony ended to the cheers and jubilation of the many present, the newlyweds proceeded to the reception, where DJ Joel Pendragon announced them as Mr. and Mrs. Doc Romano. A multitude of smiling faces watched as they danced for the first time as a married couple to the sounds of "Biblical" by Callum Scott. The merriment and overall happiness continued through the afternoon, ending in a wonderful fireworks display. All of these moments were immortalized in photographs by Kulaan D. Dragon and Ryanna Dragon and also on video by Jackson Redstar.

BlueMoon Weddings is proud to announce the wedding of Doc Romano and Jocelyn Romano, held on March 19th, 2023 at 4 PM SLT.

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