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The Wedding of Bronx Roman & Irelyn Mae Stroheim 05.12.23 @ 6 PM SLT

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

The Wedding of Bronx Roman & Irelyn Mae Stroheim 05.12.23 @ 6 PM SLT

A wardrobe malfunction due to inexperience was what it took for cupid to target Ire Mae and Bronx. They got to talking and over the following days their feelings grew. A leisure ride on Bronx's prized boat triggered his confession but it took time for Ire Mae to trust again. By Halloween, knowing enough about him by then to know that he was the one, she finally took the plunge. They've been only growing stronger and more in love with each other with every passing day.

Ire Mae searched the grid to no avail, looking for her dream wedding. Simply put, she wanted their wedding to be celebrated aboard a ship. Her search only ended when she visited BlueMoon Weddings and explained her vision to us. Our team jumped at the opportunity to give shape to their dream because that's what it's all about...making dreams come true in SL.

And so it was. A cruise liner was refitted from top to bottom to make that vision come true. In a splendid nautical setting, Ire Mae and Bronx came before the captain, errr, the officiant, Kasha Pendragon, sided by their party and the father of the Bride, Mr Derrin Lundquist. Around them, their closest friends and family all gathered to witness the couple exchange their heartfelt vows and be pronounced husband and wife in a symphony of love and perfection.

Later in the reception deck, the newlyweds danced as a married couple for the first time as DJ CowGrl launched the first notes of "At Last" by Etta James. An atmosphere of happiness was the rule as they all shared a champagne toast followed by the bride and groom cutting the beautiful cake. The culmination of the reception was the joyous moment that is the bouquet toss. Highlights of these wonderful moments were captured forever with the photographic magic of Kulaan D. Dragon and Ryanna Dragon.

BlueMoon Weddings is overjoyed to announce the wedding of Bronx Roman and Irelyn Mae Stroheim, held on May 12th, 2023. May they always have fair winds and following seas ♥

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