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The Anniversary of Satch & Zarah 05.14.22 @ 7 am SLT

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The Anniversary of Satch & Zarah 05.14.22 @ 7 am SLT

For some, a birthday represents a celebration combined with reflection and hope....for others, an anniversary marks a important milestone of commitment, joy and purpose. What happens when you have both wrapped up into a single party? Only Satch and Zarah know!! BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning would like to send our best wishes and announce the celebration of Satch & Zarah Congrejo as they rejoice in their combined birthday and second wedding anniversary. The joyous event, hosted in The Enchantment Gardens Restaurant on May 14th, 2022 was a very special and memorable occasion. This photo, taken by Molly Conundrum captures one of the magical moments of their special event. With coordinator Kasha Pendragon assisting, the couple had an amazing evening of smiles and happiness. On behalf of all of us here at BlueMoon, we wish Satch and Zarah the most amazing birthdays and anniversaries in their future Second Lives.

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