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Rezday Celebration for Monae Blaze 05.11.24 @ 7:00 pm SLT

Updated: Jul 1

Nine years ago a star was born in SL, blazing her trail, never compromising her truth, Monae found like minded souls along the way, made connections and deep friendships. To celebrate her rez day she gathered those closest to her heart and, in the Secret Garden they partied joyfully as DJ Flirt Havok upped the tempo. There were fireworks in the sky and happiness all around as the group enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Of this sumptuous event, photos were kept for years to come, taken by the artistic powerhouse that is the duo Kulaan and Ryanna Dragon and also in the form of video by the inimitable Jackson Redstar.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is elated to announce the rez day party of Monae, held on May 11th, 2024 in the Secret Garden.

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12. Mai

Happy Birthday!!!

Gefällt mir
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