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A PHOTOGRAPHER for BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning is responsible for visually capturing all aspects of the event for posterity. 

Reports To: 

All photographers are classified as independent contractors with BlueMoon and work under the direction of an Event Coordinator during events.

Job Requirements: 

  • Message the client within 24 hours of taking the assignment to introduce themselves and verify the information provided.

  • Edit and deliver final product to the BlueMoon email within 14 days of the event. 

  • Clients who wish to have additional pictures beyond what is in their packages and paid for should be referred to their wedding coordinator to set those up.

  • Provide their own capture and editing software.

  • Participate in Discord on voice during an event. 

  • Meetings should happen at least 7 days before to confirm the shots the client has asked for.

  • Photographers must be willing to stay at an event until all shots needed are taken during the natural progression of the event.


  • $L500 per image

  • While we do not solicit for tips, should a client offer a tip, you are welcome to accept it and keep 100%.

  • ALL payments will be made after your work is completed and submitted to the BlueMoon E-mail, and the photographer has notified a COO of delivery of product(s). 

Additional Information: 

PHOTOGRAPHERS are not required to attend rehearsals. Rehearsals are more technical in nature to make sure logistics of the ceremony go smoothly. 

All photos provided for the fulfillment of services contracted through BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning become the property of BlueMoon. All photographs will be attributed to the person who did the edit work on the photos. 

BlueMoon takes all payments for our contractors to protect both the client and the contractor. Any additional pictures a client might want will go through the wedding coordinator to be booked. 

Editing Policy: 

A Client has the right to ask for one edit to any photo per package. For every additional edit the Photographer should ask for a L$100 per edit charge (this payment does not go through BlueMoon, Photographer handles this charge independently).


All Staff of BlueMoon in Good standing for 3 or more consecutive months is permitted to have 1 event a year at BlueMoon. Good standing is both working events regularly and subject to COO approval. Events may not be chosen on the day of a previous engagement or holiday. Although the event is free, staff must pay for any service (DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Coordinator, or Officiant). This event may only be used for a Wedding for the employee. However, a party may be used if the employee wants to throw a friend or family member one. It’s required that the employee is in attendance.

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