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Meet the Team



The SL Lizzy:

Lizzy found and entered Second Life in 2008 under a different name after watching an episode on Dr. Phil about strange addictions. Although Lizzy's original avatar was lost many moons ago she was reborn as Mrs. Lizzybright. In her many years in SL Lizzy has been quite the success in the wedding business. She started doing weddings from the moment that she joined SL. She first started working for Allie Munro @ Eversong Weddings where she learned she had a real passion for what she was doing. She soon found herself hooked on the intoxicating feeling of the love that people shared for one another. Motivating her to make their memories unique ones. She just couldn't stop loving what she did. That is when she took the leap and moved on to create her 1st wedding business Everlasting Love Weddings (ELW). Some people still refer to her to this day as the fairy Godmother of weddings. Thriving with ELW is how she came to meet her SL & latter RL roommate & best friend Leona Kitty. They both had such a passion for what they were doing they decided to team up and combine their strengths and start something new and exciting. Thus Serendipity Weddings was born. Together the power duo to date have married over 600 couples. Sadly Leona became very ill in RL and when it became to much they decided to sell the business to new owners to keep the dream they created alive. Sadly Leona has passed on but Lizzy never lost the love of what she did and the warm fuzzies she got from it. Kasha & Lizzy being friends decided to come together and restart where she left off. Re-sparking that fire of creating high-quality gorgeous weddings would keep her and Leona’s work alive. So the Fairy Godmother is back in town bringing lasting moments to the residents of Second Life.

The RL Lizzy:

Lizzy's RL passion is poured out into her art. You can often find her engrossed in a painting or some other similar project. She is the proud wife of her SL love and partner. The things that her friends say define her are her silly sense of humor, her creativity, and her large heart.

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