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Meet the Team

Kasha Pɛռɖʀǟɢօռ

(Kasha Morgath)

The SL Kasha:

I Rezzed on the Second Life grid in November of 2007, being brought in by a friend to join an art group in SL who made content for the game. I soon realized I loathed creating in video games, and as my dear friend Cobalt Oh used to say I quickly took up the fine art of emoting to get handsome male avatars to move my furniture (so not true.. ok well kind of). Most would probably best describe me as passionate. I put my everything into anything I do. I started my very first business "Serendipity" back in mid-2008. Serendipity started out as a club for my friends to gather together and quickly turned into much more. We soon expanded into fashion shows, weddings, and a place for "The Faith Foundation" to have their SL renowned date auctions to raise money for their charities. Soon my RL love for music started spilling over into the game and with the help of my SL mom Ansley I soon became a DJ on the SL grid and started performing in many clubs and Linden Lab Venues. Which led me to my second business BlueMoon DJ and Club Services where I trained staff for the entertainment businesses of Second Life. I never stopped learning and growing. I took up Photography, logo making, and yes eventually I learned how to move my own prims and started creating beautiful spaces of my own. The one thing that never changed throughout my 14 years on the grid was my love of romance and with it my passion for creating those special days for others. I hope you choose BlueMoon for your special events so I can help you make your fantasy into a reality. ♥

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Founder & COO - Operations

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