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Meet the Team

Ela Pɛռɖʀǟɢօռ

(Ela Atheria)

A self-described nerd, Ela has a love of video games, books, and comics. Despite joining SL for the social aspects, she quickly found herself drawn to the many creative outlets that Second Life offers. Thus far, Ela has dabbled in tattoo making, a bit of sim building, and photography. Photography in SL turned out to be a great enough love that she endeavored to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop - which she freely admits is still a work in progress. In many ways, she considers herself an easy-going perfectionist who manages to keep her good humor and patience while navigating the hurdles of mastering her craft.

The opportunity to join the BlueMoon team feels like the very thing Ela has been working toward since stepping foot in this virtual world. Being able to give back and help you achieve your perfect day is a gift that she will cherish.

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COO - Events & Dining

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