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The Wedding of Zoey & Robert Rhodan 01.07.24 @ 11 am SLT

"The Day Before ..."

With the first light's embrace, their love takes flight

for Zoey and Robert, their hearts bound so tight.

"Just one day before vows!!!" it whispers in the air

of promises blooming, of a future so fair.

Smiles exchanged, nerves gently sway,

only one day till their union, joy holds sway.

For rehearsal all gather, and laughter cascades,

with the prelude to the ceremony, in enchanted shades.

Sunset hues painting a canvas of delight,

while nervous glances were exchanged in fading light.

Then moonlit dreams cradle the eve,

for two souls entwined, in a bond to believe,

"Tomorrow's the day!!!" it echoes in the night,

In the eve of union, excitement takes it height.

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