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The Wedding of Xy'Lei Yume-Lacroix & Kristian 11.19.23 @ TBD

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Xy'Lei and Kristian met with the help of technology. there was a message and friendship request but both remember that it was the other who took the first step. What they remember vividly was the immediate emotion of warmth and elation they both felt. They talked and laughed for hours that night and in the following days without ever letting go of each other, noting that they both had found something precious, something new and exciting. Time passed and their need for each others company did not vane, instead finding renewed energy in each date, each vacation together. Their love grew so strong that they started their own family. Kristian then starting working covertly, enlisting their children and Xy'lei's parents to help organize for her the surprise of a lifetime. One lovely night, the couple had a beautiful dinner and night out, then arrived at a secret location, decorated with red rose bouquets and petals placed along the walkway, palm trees that lit up the night sky and reflected against the water, overlooking the scenic Sonoma Coast in California. A very passionate Kristian then popped the question to a teary eyed Xy'Lei, who responded with an emotional "yes".

And so that most special day arrived when the couple gathered their many friends and family at an exquisite beach setting built purposefully for the occasion. Kristian waited by the officiant, Orion Sabbac Nightwing, and held his breath as a radiant Xy'Lei walked down the aisle by the arm of her mother, lady Jenesis. The beautiful couple heard the officiants wise words and then had the opportunity to publicly express their mutual devotion in the form of their vows. They exchanged the rings that symbolize the eternity of their union and thus they were pronounced Husband and Wife. With the end of the ceremony, it was time for the newlyweds and their party to lead the guests to the reception where the DJ welcomed them with the invitation to the first dance of their married life. After, both the best man, Kameron and the maid of honor, Suujin, spoke to the joyful audience as is tradition. The party didn't end there, far from it, as the groom and the groomsmen surprised the bride with a very special dance and the bride and her bridesmaids followed suit with an equally special dance routine of their own for the groom. After all that joyful celebration both bride and groom gave a speech to all present thanking them.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is overjoyed to announce the wedding of Kristian Bleu and Xy'Lei Lacroix held on November 19th, 2023 in Second Life. May their life be an endless ocean of love. ♥

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