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The Wedding of Waylon Sterling & Lala Perian 12.08.22 @ 6 pm SLT

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The Wedding of Waylon Sterling & Lala Perian 12.8.22 @ 6 pm SLT

Waylon Sterling and Lala Perian surrounded themselves with their very closest loved ones in an intimate ceremony to take that ultimate and beautiful step into wedded matrimony. Their love is the constant of their lives, beginning as childhood friends and growing into teenage sweethearts with every step in life taken together. A shared life filled with adventures and joy as they welcomed their seven children, they settled into the dynamic of a big family without ever losing sight of their passionate and timeless bond. This sublime moment was officiated and photographed by Ela Pendragon...captured for all eternity BlueMoon Weddings is proud to announce the wedding of Waylon and Lala Sterling, taking place on December 8th, 2022. May their road ahead be as beautiful and love filled as their story so far has been.

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