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The Wedding of Tea & Quik Enchanted 06.17.23 @ 2 PM SLT

The sun shone bright up on Second Life's immaculate sky when Tea and Quik, sided by their very closest ones, stood before the Officiant, Orion Petrova, to attest to their endless love and take on the commitment of the vows of marriage.

Ever since the day they first connected over their shared love of photography they both felt pulled to each other by an invisible force. Soon after, their destinies brought them together in Second Life. Fast forward one year to the present day... our officiant's words pronounced them finally Mr. & Mrs. Enchanted. This wonderful moment in time kept for eternity by the photographic magic of Łillian SϮarlighϮ.

BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning is overjoyed to announce the wedding of Tea Enchanted and Quiksilva Marioman, held on June 17th, 2023.

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