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The Wedding of Star & Kat Celestia Vixenwolf 12.03.21

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

It was a beautiful Friday morning when two girls awoke and decided today was the day. They looked at each other and said let's do this and the snuck off to the edge of the world to a place as intimate as the feelings they have for one another. Cherry blossoms fell into into the tresses of their hair as the officiant pronounced them married. "Passion Makes the World Go Round. Love Just Makes it A Safer Place" ~ Ice-T ~ ♥




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Danny Monaghan
Danny Monaghan
Dec 05, 2021

I was there it was amazing and I would not have misssed it for the world.. I love both of them and I adore them and to see them happy only makes me even more happy..

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