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The Wedding of Reaper & Gazzy Pumpkins Fury 10.13.23 @ 6 pm SLT

Some say that destiny is a giant loom and we're all but little threads in the fabric that it weaves. If that's the case then Gazzy and Reaper's threads are not just close but intertwined by the magic of love. It was their wish to share their happiness with all celebrate their blissful union with ancient rites of marriage.

Both lovers stood before the officiant, Joel Pendragon, amidst ancient woods and the embrace of Mother Earth, on that most sacred of days, Friday the 13th, surrounded by their closest friends and family and listened to his words of wisdom on love and commitment. The couple then shared their deeply felt vows to each other and exchanged the sacred token that are the rings. The Officiant then bound their hands and destinies together and pronounced them Husband and Wife.

As soon as the ceremony came to a close the celebrations began and newlyweds and their guests enjoyed this special day to the fullest.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is overjoyed to announce the wedding of Gazzy Fury and Reaper Fury, held on October 13th, 2023 in Second Life and wishes the happy couple unending happiness as they embark on their epic quest of love and devotion. ♥

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