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The Wedding of Phillip and Zoe Hansley 07.01.23 @ 1:30 PM SLT

Zoe and Philip met by pure accident on a golf course and immediately set the spark that lit the flame of their love. They quickly became inseparable...finding in each other not only a best friend but a life partner.

And so it was, on a bright Summer afternoon, Philip and Zoe stood before the officiant, Joel Pendragon, in the regal beauty of the Secret Garden. Surrounded by friends and family, they professed their undying love and their commitment to each other and to the adventure of a life together in matrimony.

Once the beautiful ceremony ended, the newlyweds and their many friends walked the path to the reception where Joel Pendragon, now in the role of DJ, announced them as Mr. and Mrs. Phillip and Zoe Hansley. The loving couple enjoyed their inaugural dance to the sound of "Wreckage" by Nate Smith after which they were followed by their closest ones on the floor. The party continued throughout the afternoon ending with a marvelous fireworks display.

Of all these wonderful moments, photos were carefully taken by Kulaan D. Dragon and Ryanna Dragon in order to preserve those sweet memories for years to come.

BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning is overjoyed to announce the wedding of Phillip Joseph Hansley & Zoe Ashley Hansley, held on July 1st, 2023 in the Secret Garden. May their happiness be everlasting. ♥

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