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The Wedding of Paimon & Brianna Novem 09.02.23 @ 6 pm SLT

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

With most wedding announcements, the tone or mood usually is one of light, warmth or inspiration. A call to joy for the angels to be basked in happiness and good. But what about a relationship built on darkness, one spawned by the children of chill and desolation? Love is universal and knows no bounds. It will transit across the night because it touches and entwines souls destined to be with one another. Such is the case for Paimon and Brianna...for they are touched by a love that crosses all boundaries. A commitment and union deeper than any established or typical "announcement."

Surrounded by friends and family and sided by their party, the bride and groom stood before the officiant, Ela Pendragon, and affirmed loud and clear their desire to join their destinies. Confirmed with the exchange of heartfelt vows and eternal symbols of love and commitment with rings, they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Novem.

Once the ceremony ended with a cavalcade of cheerful applause by the guests, the newlyweds led the way to the reception where the festive occasion was celebrated in an atmosphere of sublime joy and elation. This singularly wonderful day was captured with photographs and the best moments were immortalized in order to preserve them forever. The duty well served by the artistic mastery of the skilled duo Kulaan and Ryanna Dragon.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is proud to announce the wedding of Paimon Novem and Brianna Novem, held on September 2nd. 2023 in Second Life. ♥

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