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The Wedding of Oᴅɪɴ τrουβlε ᴠᴀʟʜᴀʟʟᴀ & ᴋᴀɪ τrουβlε ᴠᴀʟʜᴀʟʟᴀ 08.19.23 @ 4 pm SLT

Kai and Odin's story began a long time ago in a terrible place called IMVU. A place rife with lust, greed, narcissism and toxicity as were those who dwelled in it. Far within this wretched place, however, an oasis of hope in the form of a big white soul remained.

Monumental in size and strength but weary of the ongoing struggles with evil, the Warrior was on the brink of exhaustion...then she happened. Out of nowhere, an apparently harmless Maiden managed to rekindle a long-lost flame in his heart. Their mutual passion grew stronger as they both required more and more of each other in their lives.

The maiden showed that she, too had the inner strength to tame the wildest of beasts and the warrior slowly became whole again in her presence as they both became one. As they both left the barren place where they met behind them, the decision was made to consecrate this love for all.

So it came to be that Kai and Odin stood before the officiant, Joel Pendragon, who, in the presence of the couple's closest ones proclaimed to all the nine realms their will and commitment to love and bound their hands and destinies together for all time. Both bride and groom shared their deeply personal vows and thus were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Valhalla.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests moved to the reception, where they were greeted by DJ CowGrl with the first notes of "She's Everything" by Brad Paisley. Alas, their first dance as a married couple was followed by other traditional dances and of course, the general feeling of overflowing joy that permeated the day. Of these shining moments, snippets were taken in the form of beautiful photos by the magic of the talented Lillian Starlight.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is elated to announce the wedding of Odin Valhalla and Kai Valhalla, held on August 19th, 2023, on the splendor of the You Made Me Believe In Magic venue. May their souls be forever bound in love.

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Thela Coleman
Thela Coleman
Aug 20, 2023

Congrats on your beautiful marriage ♥ Love your mom and dad ♥


Congratulations to you both. Best wishes and blessings. Love ya Both Dad

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