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The Wedding of Luis & Stella Dior 09.03.22 @ 6 pm SLT

Updated: Jan 25

The Wedding of Luis & Stella Dior 09.03.22 @ 6 PM SLT

As the sun began setting between the palm trees at Luis' and Stella's home sim, love was almost a palpable presence there as it filled the hearts of everyone attending the intimate ceremony. Emotions ran high as they both read their vows and their feelings overflowed from the words and into all of us, letting us catch a rare glimpse of a love so profound. Such perfection of matching souls and sentiments did bring to mind the Bible passage "Let all you do be done in love" Corinthians 16.14 as the officiant, Joel Pendragon, himself deeply moved, confided. Blue Moon Weddings & Event Planning is proud to announce the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Dior, in a private ceremony on September 3rd, 2022. Our staff joins in wishing them a wonderful future filled with happiness as they have truly touched our hearts.

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