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The Handfasting of kryptikk & Luna Lothbrok 09.02.22 @ 1 pm SLT

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The Wedding of kryptikk & Luna Lothbrok 09.02.22 @ 1 pm SLT

In the vastness of SL, what would be the chance of this perfect couple ever meeting? It was deemed a certainty as the wishes of Freyja were not to be denied. In an unlikely meeting, they felt instantly and irreversibly drawn to each other and into a conversation that has yet to end. As their feelings grew into a love stronger than sword iron, their differences only served to add to the whole. Under the bright promise of late Summer sun, in their lovely home, Luna and Kryptikk exchanged their ancestral swords, joined their hands, and bonded their souls in the Norse way, accompanied by their loved ones in a celebration officiated by Joel Pendragon and recorded for posterity by Kulaan Dragon. BlueMoon Weddings is cheerfully proud to announce the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Kryptikk Lothbrok, held at their home sim on September 02, 2022. No cats were harmed before, during, or after the ceremony. May their journey be long and full of happiness per the blessings of Frigga! Skal!!!

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