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The Wedding of Jah & Lea Wali 07.29.23 @ 11:30 AM SLT

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Once upon a time, in the depths of an underwater sim, a mermaid and a fishy were neighbors and the moment they met, they found themselves immediately drawn to each other. As time passed, their destinies became more and more entwined, the bond of friendship and shared interests finally showing itself as a beautiful love. Joined together, they became an unbeatable team capable of overcoming the many challenges that life threw their way. It became obvious to both that the next step in their life together would be matrimony.

On a white sandy beach overlooking the ocean, the Officiant, Shahiya Frost Viper, took her place under the sun kissed canopy that sheltered the altar. Next in the procession was the groom and in short succession, the groomsman, Branduff, the Bridesmaids, Miazole, Lexi, Tiramiisu and Jaqualine and last, in all her glowing radiance, the bride. To the sounds of waves breaking, the loving couple exchanged their profound vows and sealed their pledge of undying devotion to each other with the exchange of the rings...symbols of infinite, timeless love.

After the ceremony, newlyweds and guests flowed to the reception area, a fabulous glass gazebo with hanging wisteria, where everyone celebrated this wonderful occasion in an atmosphere of joy. The most striking moments of this singular day captured forever in beautiful photos taken by the gifted Lillian Starlight.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is proud to announce the wedding of Jah Wali & Lea Culprit held on July 29th 2023 in SL and wishes never ending happiness to, in their own words, "A mermaid and a sailor, living in an ocean of possibilities and exploring the seas of adventure, together." ♥

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