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The Wedding of Jack Rizzo & ChristinaChampagne 10.12.23 @ 2 pm SLT

It's not often that one sees two halves that completely match together to form a perfect whole but that is the case of Jack and Christina, who not only make a perfect match in love but in everything else in life. They are the perfect blend of friends, partners and lovers, always together through everything. Nothing is more natural than these lovers who wished to make their union official through the bounds of marriage.

The loving couple eloped and met the officiant, Kasha Pendragon, at the chapel, where they both attested their will to commit their lives and destinies to each other and thus were pronounced Husband and Wife.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is happy to announce the wedding of Jack and Christina, held at our chapel on October 12th, 2023. May their adventures together never end ♥

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