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The Wedding of Dimitri Hayze Eros and Veronica Ford 11.18.23 @ 5 pm SLT

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

When Veronica accidentally stepped on Dimitri's foot, little did she know that it would take them both on this wonderful journey of love. After the incident they started messaging each other and have never really been apart ever since. Along the way they made a home for themselves and their children, Jay and Skylar and Veronica was accepted into the Eros family has one of their own.

The time then had come for them to walk down the aisle and sanctify their union with the vows and rites of marriage. In an exquisite venue, surrounded by the immense loving crowd of their friends and family, the couple stood before the officiant, Shahiya Frost, who shared with all present words of wisdom, love and commitment. Both bride and groom shared their inner most feelings with the audience through their vows and exchanged the rings symbolizing the completeness of their union, thus being pronounced Husband and Wife. After the ceremony, it was time for celebration as newlyweds led the way to the reception where pure joy filled the air and everyone enjoyed this most special of occasions.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is happy to announce the wedding of Mr. Dimitri and Mrs Veronica Eros held on November 18th, 2023 in Second Life and wishes the happy couple a lifetime of bliss. ♥

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