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The Wedding of Cherry L Dexing & Miguel Armante 11.11.23 @ 4:00 pm SLT

Cherry and Miguel started out as friends but over time, each one of them started to nurture another kind of feelings for the other. Each keeping it a secret until it became too much for Miguel and he decided to confess his love to her to discover with surprise that he was not alone and that Cherry felt the same. From then on Their shared love grew bigger and stronger and they now decided it was time to take that step into a life together.

And so, on a bright autumn afternoon, the couple gathered their many friends and loved ones on an exquisitely elegant setting to witness their union. They booth stood before the officiant, Cleo Demonpaws, who explained the deeper meanings of matrimony, it's foundations and commitments as the path to happiness everlasting that it is. Then each of the lovers exchanged their deeply personal vows before all assembled, after which, bride groom exchanged rings and the officiant pronounced them Husband and Wife.

Once the ceremony concluded the newlyweds led the large crowd over to the superlative reception area hovering over the eternal ocean of Second Life where they were greeted by DJ Chocolate, who invited them to their first dance as a married couple. The celebration soon turned into a full party as joy took over every heart. The father of the bride got everyone's attention with an emotional speech and the well wishes were the norm. There were champagne toasts and the traditional bouquet toss to the excitement of all the ladies.

Of all these wonderful moments, a select few were captured for eternity by the magic art of photography of Kulaan D. Dragon and Ryanna Dragonn and also in video by the renowned videographer Jackson Redstar. BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is proud to announce the wedding of Cherry Armante and Miguel Armante, held on November 11th, 2023 in Second Life and wishes the happy couple a lifetime of bliss.♥

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