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The Wedding of Amelio & Shanti 08.14.22 @5 pm SLT

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The Wedding of Amelio & Shanti 08/14/22 @5 pm SLT

As the sun slowly fell behind the trees of the enchanted valley where our secret garden is located, Shanti and Amelio professed their eternal love before their loved ones and the officiant, Joel Pendragon. Their passion, which knows no bounds, was patent as they joined their souls in matrimony. The memorable moment of their first married kiss was immortalized by Molly Conundrum... a moment to treasure with love that was made to last. BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning is proud to announce the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, in the Secret Garden on Aug, 14 2022. May they have a SL lifetime of fluffy clouds and sunny days ahead

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