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GM Social & Digital Media

Chase you down until you love me

The GENERAL MANAGER OF SOCIAL & DIGITAL MEDIA is responsible for the online communication for BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning. 

Reports to:

Under the direction of the Co-COOs

Job Requirements:

  • Plan and execute a marketing strategy for social media and second life marketing and advertising. 

  • Experience in social media management and marketing. 

  • Basic graphic design skills

  • An upbeat personality and a desire to spread the positive image of BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning 


  • L$1,000 per month


All Staff of BlueMoon in Good standing for 3 or more consecutive months are permitted to have 1 discounted event a year at BlueMoon. Good standing is both working events regularly and subject to COO approval. Events may not be chosen on the day of a previous engagement or holiday. Wedding and Party Packages are 50% off posted pricing, Dinner Packages are 25% off posted pricing. Wedding packages and dinners are only available to employees for themselves. However, a party may be used if the employee wants to throw one for a friend or family member. It’s required that the employee is also in attendance at the party.


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