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Don't stop, make it pop, D.J., blow my speakers up

A DJ at BlueMoon provides a musical experience for our customers and guests.

Reports To: 

DJs are classified as independent contractors with BlueMoon and work under the direction of an Event Coordinator during events.

Job Requirements:

  • Message the client within 24 hours of taking the assignment to introduce themselves and verify the information provided.

  • Highly-skilled at their craft.

  • Provide curated playlists, music-backed voice breaks with personality, and memorable experiences. 

  • Be able to work in and with an event team. 

  • Provide their own stream, music must be clean (studio-version, free of ads or additives), and labeled with Artist and Title. 

  • Participate in Discord on voice during an event. BlueMoon staff communicate regularly using Discord, and using this application is a requirement of this position.


  • Ceremony: L$500

  • Reception & Parties: L$1000 per hour booked

  • While we do not solicit for tips, performers are permitted to set out a tip jar and keep 100% of the tips they make.

  • Compensation is distributed at the conclusion of events.

More Information:

Any event booked to start after hours will have a bonus added to your pay. After Hours is an event scheduled at a start time after 7 PM SLT through 6:59 AM SLT. 


All Staff of BlueMoon in Good standing for 3 or more consecutive months are permitted to have 1 discounted event a year at BlueMoon. Good standing is both working events regularly and subject to COO approval. Events may not be chosen on the day of a previous engagement or holiday. Wedding and Party Packages are 50% off posted pricing, Dinner Packages are 25% off posted pricing. Wedding packages and dinners are only available to employees for themselves. However, a party may be used if the employee wants to throw one for a friend or family member. It’s required that the employee is also in attendance at the party.

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