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BlueMoon Partners

A Co-COO is one of a maximum of five COOs. COOs are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business. 

Job Requirements: 

  • Must possess a high-degree of leadership skills, a willing-to-learn attitude, and have a general love for what we do. 

  • Invest L$1000 per week into the business, and be willing to invest additional funding for special projects. 

  • Actively working for BlueMoon with at least 3-months experience. 

  • Must have completed BlueMoon training and be able to successfully do sales, officiating, coordinating, and serving.

  • COOs must be willing to step into any role, address bottlenecks as they occur, and have a general "happy to help" attitude.

  • Possess an additional relevant technical skill like (DJ'ing, Photographer, Videographer, Scripting, Photoshop, Etc.)

  • Must use Discord and be willing to learn AirTable and Trello

  • Attend bi-weekly meeting in Discord 


  • Profits are split equally on a quarterly basis (based on net quarterly profits)

* Becoming a COO also requires a unanimous vote of other COOs already in place. *

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