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1,200L Typed Ceremony
1,500L Voiced Ceremony

Don't need a whole package ...Just looking for that special someone to pronounce you married? We can help with that too. We'll match you to one of our highly trained dependable officiants to help you say I do.

Event Coordinator


From the moment you book your wedding until the day of, one of our professional coordinators will work closely with you to ensure your day goes just perfect. Also included is a 1/2 hour rehearsal to make sure your wedding or event goes off without a hitch.



Need a little boogie in your step? Well we have hand picked some of Second Life's most sought after DJ's for your event. Or maybe you just want an extra hour to spend partying with your friends at your reception? Either way we have the music hook up for you. No need to buy a stream for your land our DJ's roll equipped with their own.

* DJ's require half payment ahead of time to reserve your time slot & rezzing rights to drop a tip jar.



Our team of professional Second Life Photographers will work closely with you to assure that the moments you want captured are visual memories you will have for a SLifetime.

Walking Animation System


Just need a way to walk down the isle and get all crew down without lag walking you into the guests? Well say no more we got you... We will come to your venue and set up all the walks and poses for you. With the Animation system comes one of our animation specialists to place it down how you like and teach you how to use it.

Extra Animations


Want to add the extra RL flairs to your big day? Well say no more we can get you all set up to be able to toss your bouquet and see who knocks who over trying to catch it. He can grab that garter off and see who the lucky guy is who catches it. Or maybe you just want a champagne toast for your person of honor to give that speech. No matter what we have you covered. We will set up your animations make sure they work and get you all set up for those picture perfect moments. a way to walk down the isle and get all crew down without lag walking you into the guests? Well say no more we got you... We will come to your venue and set up all the walks and poses for you.

Special Effects


That special touch to walk you back down the isle. There is no more dramatic flair piece in any wedding then the release of doves, fireworks, or bubbles after you say I do. We will set these up for you no muss no fuss and make sure they are in working order and ready for that special moment.

Arrive in Style


(Carriage, Vintage Car,& Hot Air Balloon)

Choose from one of our luxurious transportation vehicles to arrive to your event in Style. We currently have a in our fleet a vintage car, a romantic carriage ride, and a hot air balloon to soar into your big day. All of our transports come with a driver to give you a smooth ride to the party, perfect for weddings, prom, homecoming, birthday, where you can comfortably ride and arrive in style. When you are looking for the perfect way to make that grand entrance BlueMoon has the perfect fleet for you.

After Hours Fee


Really want BlueMoon to do your wedding but it looks like we are closed? Well it's true we are but we can still make it happen. Our after-hours (7 pm-7 am SLT) fee makes it so we can convince our amazing staff to stay up late past bedtimes and against their better judgment to make your day a success. They may be tired but they are a dedicated amazing bunch of people so we give them a little more to make it worth their while to drag around tired in RL the next day ☻. A Happy Team Makes Your Dream!

Custom Venues


Have something in your head but you just cant seem to find it anywhere in SL? Well look no further then the creative minds at BlueMoon. Our team of top notch builders may just be able to pull it off for you. Our custom venues start off at around 10K and work up depending on the complexity of the build and the time and cost it will require to make it a reality. We do reserve the right to add your custom build to our lists of options at a latter date. However in the interest of fairness we do out of curtesy put a 3 month time hold before anyone else will see them (without your expressed permission).

Additional Landscaping


Want your venue on your own land but do not have the time or care to put all that effort into boring landscaping? Plus the cost of the plants? (gasps). We so understand landscaping is a real time consuming job when it's not something you do all the time. Our professional landscapers will get that work done for you in no time. All landscape work is done on a per hour basis. It's easy send us a message we will send one of our friendly happy to help staff out to give you an estimate as to how many hours of work we will be doing. (estimates are done off the work you originally discus any added or subtracted may or may not change your payment due)

Bridal & Groom Suites

1,500L (For One or Both)

Need a gorgeously decorated spot out of sight to get ready with your girls for your big day or maybe he and the boys want to all be hang out before the "I Do's". Well say no more our bridal and/or groom suit can be delivered to your sim. We provide and set up our beautiful calm spaces to relax before your big day at your location. They come with plenty of space and pose stands to adjust yourself to perfection.


Price Varies

There is no better way to look back years from now and relive those memorable moments. They say 1 picture is worth a 1000 words, so 1 video must be a life times worth.



You have a DJ, an Officiant, and everything else, but nowhere to have your wedding or event? You can book a BlueMoon Venue. Your choice of up to two custom colors for your event, 3 hours of venue time, and a fully landscaped venue on our sim.

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