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Although we are also known in some circles for the amazing parties we have designed and coordinated, our weddings are our forte.


Our venues are beautiful hand crafted pieces of art that are designed to leave lasting memories for many moons to come. They start at as low as 3k for our small elopment package. Check out what is included on our Packages page.


We strive to make every moment of your day one that you can truly say only happens once in a Blue Moon.

The Serendipitous sim where BlueMoon resides is a brand-new Linden Labs created sim and was built with low lag in mind.

We take special care to make sure we do everything in our power to make sure the same love & dedication that you have for each other is in the venue you will say "I do" in.

That includes starting at making sure our staff is trained and friendly all the way down to maintaining our sim health.

Let us make that dream your reality….. 


{BlueMoon is proudly a supporter of being yourself no matter what that is and we are a safe judgment free establishment}

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“Whether one is rich or poor, educated or illiterate, religious or non-believing, man or woman, black, white, or brown, we are all the same. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, we are all equal. We all share basic needs for food, shelter, safety, and love. We all aspire to happiness and we all shun suffering. Each of us has hopes, worries, fears, and dreams. Each of us wants the best for our family and loved ones. We all experience pain when we suffer loss and joy when we achieve what we seek. On this fundamental level, religion, ethnicity, culture, and language make no difference.”

                                   ~ Dalai Lama ~

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