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Meet the Team


(Ryanna Foxclaw)

Ryanna and Kulaan form an exceptional photography team at BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning in Second Life. With their combined expertise and collaborative approach, they bring a unique blend of skills to every project they undertake.

Ryanna, in particular, stands out as a highly talented and gifted photographer. Her artistic vision and attention to detail allow her to create captivating images that perfectly capture the essence of weddings and events. Ryanna's talent for composition, lighting, and storytelling shines through in her work, resulting in breathtaking photographs that evoke emotions and preserve memories.

While both Ryanna and Kulaan contribute their skills to the team, Ryanna's distinct talents make her an outstanding member of the duo. Her ability to anticipate and capture precious moments ensures that no detail goes unnoticed. Working together, Ryanna and Kulaan complement each other's strengths, resulting in a harmonious and successful partnership. Their combined efforts guarantee a comprehensive and top-notch photography experience for clients at BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning.

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