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(jasmine tryce)

Introducing Jasmine, your versatile wedding officiant, coordinator, and occasional DJ in the enchanting virtual realm of Second Life. With a deep passion for creating memorable experiences, Jasmine brings her expertise and vibrant energy to every wedding celebration.

As an officiant, Jasmine's warm and charismatic presence sets the stage for a truly heartfelt ceremony. With a genuine love for love, she works closely with couples to craft personalized vows and rituals that reflect their unique journey. Jasmine ensures that your wedding ceremony is a deeply meaningful and authentic experience, guiding you through the exchange of vows and creating a magical atmosphere that resonates with you and your guests.

In addition to her role as an officiant, Jasmine's coordination skills shine through as she orchestrates the details of your special day. With a meticulous eye for detail and excellent organizational abilities, she ensures that every aspect of your wedding runs smoothly. Jasmine's versatility extends even further as she occasionally steps behind the DJ booth, infusing your wedding reception with energy and great music.

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