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(Erin Rich)

The SL Erin:

Welcome to BlueMoon Weddings & Event Planning!! Thank you so much for considering us to be a part of your most special day. Our goal is to help make amazing memories and remove the stress of planning a wedding. I'm a long term SL person who has been in the entertainment business for over 10 years. My mindset is that the best entertainers capture the moment and make it epic so you'll remember it for years to come. That's what drives us here at Blue Moon. Our team of talented Coordinators/Officiants/Servers/DJ's and Photographers will bring their ears and minds to listen to your desires and craft your dreams into reality. They will bring their passions to offer you the best service, the most fun and the greatest joy and happiness. It's more than just "Throwing a party" for you...we sweat the small stuff so you don't have to. I am always available to help, chat, provide therapy or anything else you need so please feel free to message me.

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Co-GM of Social & Digital Media

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