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The Wedding of Yazerine Min-Inglewood & Maxwell Amante-Capitale 07.22.23 @5 PM SLT

Yazerine and Maxwell's story is one of chance and the power of fate. They were meant to meet a couple of times but circumstances did not allow it and when they did, the timing was wrong. Finally, they met again, and it then became obvious they were meant for each other...connecting in ways they didn't think possible. So strong is their bond that they decided to seal their union with the vows of marriage.

To that effect, the loving couple stood in front of the officiant, Kulaan D. Dragon and in the presence of their closest friends and family, announced their love and commitment to each other. For both the present and future, the expressed their devotion in the form of deeply heartfelt vows and by exchanging rings symbolizing their union. In an atmosphere of joy, the newlyweds and guests then proceeded to the reception, where they were greeted by DJ Stonn. Their first announcement as Mr. & Mrs. Amante was made to the sound of "Still into You" by Meadowlark, in what would be their first dance as a married couple. Soon afterwards, the others joined them on the dance floor for what would be a merry celebration of love.

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is proud to announce the wedding of Yazerine & Maxwell Amante held on July 22nd, 2023 in Second Life. We join friends and relatives in wishing the happy couple a lifetime of bliss.

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