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The Wedding of Phoenix & Aiden 04.23.23 @ 4 PM SLT

The Wedding of Phoenix & Aiden 04.23.23 @ 4 PM SLT

As the saying goes, even after the worst storms the sun always shines again. It was a bright shiny moment indeed when Phoenix and Aidan gathered their friends and close ones to witness their commitment to each other in love. Armed with their famous humor and lust for life, they both stood before the officiant, Kasha Pendragon, in a ceremony that was both touching and joyful.

The party didn't end though with the exchange of heartfelt vows and rings...instead, it moved to the reception hall where everyone danced and enjoyed themselves to the songs lined-up by DJ Joel Pendragon.

Bluemoon Weddings & Event Planning is stratospherically happy to announce the wedding of Phoenix and Aidan, held on April 23rd, 2023 at the gardens of our Only Us venue.

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