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The Wedding of Sylas Aoyama & Mew-Chan 10.23.23 @ 4 pm SLT

For some, love is not easy and the search for that soul mate that completes us is a quest. Often, when that meeting happens, it is more the the work of fate posing as chance than anything else for there are no human plans for when will show itself and how it will unfold. Once they meet, the soul mates are subjected to adversity as it is the fashion of sagas of old, their feelings tested like the mettle of swords in the fire of battle. How these obstacles are beaten is up to each couple. Will the love stand the test or finish in ruin?

Sylas appeared in Mew's world unexpectedly as if materializing from thin air and she immediately sensed something. That deep within Sylas laid something special, something she expected never to find in anyone other than herself. They instantly became inseparable and he always went out of his way to make her feel loved and unique. There were no doubt troubles, problems, setbacks, but with each one their connection grew tighter and their love stronger. So strong that they no longer could keep from belonging to each forever.

And so it was that on a mystical night, in a magical garden light only by candles and firebugs, both lovers gathered their many friends and family to witness their tokens of love and commitment. They faced the officiant, the wise Shahiya Frost Viper, and listened to her words on this most precious of moments. They both shared their inmost feelings in the form of personal vows, exchanged the rings, symbols of eternity and thus had their hands and destinies bound together by the Officiant who then pronounced them Husband and Wife.

After the ceremony it was time for the celebrations to begin and so they did. The newlyweds were welcomed by the DJ, Sir Joetic Whitman, who invited them to take to the dance floor for their inaugural dance with the first sounds of "I see the light". The guests soon joined in what was a momentous explosion of uncontained joy. The task of capturing the best of these moments for posterity in the form of photographs was left to the artistic mastery of that power duo, Kulaan and Ryanna Dragon.

"Join us as we party up to begin a new adventure, together. Mew and Sylas"

BlueMoon Weddings and Event Planning is elated to announce the handfasting of Sylas Aoyama and Mew Aoyama, held on October 23rd, 2023 in Second Life. ♥

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